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Our Goal? Helping YOU Make Prayer a Practical Priority
Winter 2019 Edition Available Now.
“No pressure. Unintimidating. Inviting. Doable.”
Those are the words people are using to describe the newly re-designed Pray the Word Journal.

Created by Praying for Boys author, Brooke McGlothlin, and The MOB Society, Pray the Word Journal comes backed with years of experience in helping busy moms learn to pray. Think of your journal as the space where your prayers and God’s Word meet. That sacred space where God allows you to partner with Him as you parent your children.

Our practical, purposeful process of prayer invites you in and makes you feel like praying for your family every day is something you can do.

Pray the Word Journal is truly designed for every mom.

It’s the busy mom’s prayer journal. The prayer journal for YOU.

Daily scripture-inspired prayer prompts
Devotions to help you begin each week
Active, guided prayer journaling space
Beautiful designed scripture art by The MOB Society's Erin Mohring
Our highly purposeful Think, Pray, Praise method of daily prayer
Weekend space for sermon notes or other prayers

Pray the Word Journal isn't like other prayer journals. It's distinct purpose is to get moms praying the Word of God for themselves and their families.


Years ago, when Brooke McGlothlin first started praying for her own sons, she was inspired by two important truths about God’s Word:

1. That it is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12, ESV)

2. That it “shall not return to me (God) empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11, ESV).

If those two verses were true, and she believed they were, then it seemed to her that there could be no better thing to pray than God’s Word itself! So Brooke began searching the scriptures for things she wanted God to accomplish in her sons’ hearts, crafting them into prayers, and praying them back to Him. Over time, the verses she sought out and prayed over her children began to come alive inside of her forming a deeper understanding of the Word of God, creating a more biblical worldview, making her more and more like Christ, and ultimately, better equipping her for the work of motherhood!

Because this process was so deeply profound for Brooke, it’s the same one we use inside of Pray the Word Journal.

Want to know a secret? Pray the Word Journal isn’t just a prayer journal. It’s our prayer for God to work in You!

The 2019 Winter Edition has the same layout and flow that our audience fell in love with inside of our Wisdom Edition, but focuses on praying through the book of 1 Timothy.

Paul’s first letter to Timothy, his son in the faith, is packed full of wisdom for living, growing in the faith, and doing life with other believers—wisdom our children will desperately need as they grow up.

Inside, you'll pray for your children:

  • To understand their place in God's design...
  • To be men and women who lead others to Christ...
  • To understand and live with integrity...
  • To love the Church and understand how it functions...
  • To have pure hearts...
  • And much more.

From busy working moms, to stay-at-home moms with little time to themselves, brand new moms, to moms whose children are already out of their homes, Pray the Word Journal has helped all moms make prayer a practical priority.
The tools you need to become a praying mom.
Designed to take you through 90 days of prayer, each Pray the Word Journal gives you a quarter of a year of prayerfully, carefully curated prayers so that you see the hand of God clearly in the various seasons of your family's life.
As Seen On MOB Live
8 Ways Busy Moms can use their prayer journal.

​​​​​​​Watch as Erin Mohring and Brooke McGlothlin show you tips and tricks they personally use with their own copies of Pray the Word Journal.

  • Spiral bound for ease of use
  • High Quality Paper
  • Tabs to Help Keep Your Place
  • Beautiful, Feminine, Durable Cover
  • Dimensions (Cover 8 x 10, Pages 7 x 10)
  • Convenient, Lay Flat Spiral Binding
  • Weekly Devotions
  • Notes Sections at the End of Each Week
  • The Best Daily Layouts We’ve Ever Offered!
Practical Tools for Powerful Prayers (Order Bonuses):
  • 10 Tips for Moving Toward a Habit of Prayer (by Brooke McGlothlin and Erin Mohring)
  • 6 Reasons You Should Pray Every Day (by Brooke McGlothlin and Erin Mohring)
  • 16 Scripture Prayers for Your Son to be a Man of God (by Brooke McGlothlin)
  • 10 Scripture Prayers for Your Daughter to be a Woman of God (by TeriLynne Underwood)
  • 10 Prayers for Your TWEEN Son (by Hal and Melanie Young)
  • 10 Prayers for Your TWEEN Daughter (by TeriLynne Underwood)
  • 25 Scripture Prayers for Your Special Needs Child (by Sandra Peoples)
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Buy the Winter Edition of Pray the Word Journal while supplies last!
Pray the Word Journal leads you in impacting your family's life for generations to come in just about 10 minutes a day.
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I am actually praying daily now and it’s quickly becoming my book for all my prayers. I love the weekly devotions too.


This book… oh I can’t say enough about it!! It’s so wonderful! Thank you so much for your support and prayers and love for us mamas!


I have always had a difficult time studying the bible and being consistent with my studies. Pray the Word Journal is the answer to my prayers.

The verse of the day is causing me to dig deeper for its meaning and doesn’t overwhelm me in my studies!


I LOVE my Journal!


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Winter 2018 Contributors
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Connie Albers
Monica Leigh
Gina Smith
Julie Sanders
Christie Thomas
Laura Lee Groves
Julie Kieras
Monica Swanson
Becky Daye
Erin Mohring
Brooke McGlothlin
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